The EXTRA EA-300L is an aerobatic monoplane capable of Unlimited category competition. It is the most successful aerobatic aircraft for sport and performance, and is unrivalled in its class. For pure power, handling and performance, nothing matches the Extra EA-300L, which takes exhilaration to the extreme!

The Extra 300 is an advanced aerobatic aircraft used in the Red Bull Air Races, and is popular among aerobatic pilots for the precision and control offered - with a roll-rate of 400 degrees per second, a climb rate of 975m/min (3,200 ft/min) and an FAA Certified load factor of +/- 10 G, this aircraft leaves nothing behind (except your doubts).

Engine   Engine Lycoming 300 hp 6 Cylinder AEIO - 540 L1B5
Propeller   Composite Constant Speed Propeller - MTV 9-B-C/C 200-15 three-Blade
Seats   2
Maximum Gross Weight   2,095 lbs
Standard Empty Weight   1,470 lbs
Never Exceed Speed   220 kts
Maneuvering Speed   158 kts
Maximum Rate of Climb   3,200 fpm
Stall Speed   55 kts
Range   414 nm
FAA Certified Load Factor   +/- 10 Gs
Length   22 ft 10 in
Height   8 ft 7 in
Wing Span   26 ft 3 in